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Monday, November 26, 2012

♩♪ "I'll be home for Christmas, you can count on that.." ♬

♩♪ "I'll be home for Christmas, you can count on that.." ♬

Well, it's pretty much that time of year again - the most beautiful time of year if you´re so inclined to say, and as we start to sing the many beautiful Christmas songs in open air, celebrating and announcing in one breath the advent of our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ, and the salvation that He came to offer to all men - I cannot help but appreciate how good and faithful He has been in my life.

When I last wrote I shared with you all my desire to come and visit home - the longing that I have had to fellowship with you all, and my hope of coming home for Christmas :)

Now, thanks to the LORD, and to you all for your many prayers and support, I am able to announce that I will be coming home for Christmas (and New Years!)this year, flying in December 10th. Is´nt the LORD great!

Apart from the blessing of having my itinerary confirmed, these last few months since then have been both busy, and fruitful, filled abundantly with both trials and blessings.

The Pastor's Conferencce

Most recently I had the opportunity, along with CC San Salvador (and at the many church plants in El Salvador) to serve in the Calvary Chapel Central American Pastor's and Leader's Conference. This was the sixth year that the conference has taken place, and the second year that Rebeca and I have been able to attend, and it was a great blessing for all.

The theme of the conference this year was "Christ, the center of the ministry" and most of the speakers taught out of 2 Corinthians. Rebeca and I were probably most impacted by Pastor Jimmy Morales' message on 2Cor 1:3-11. His main point was that our suffering, and subsequently, Gods comfort, are not only a sure thing in the christian life, but are pre requisites to ministrydd. Without having experienced both (on a continual basis) we are unable to minister to broken people. This spoke deeply to both Rebeca, and I, and helped put many of the hardships and trials that I have wrestled with while on the mission field into a whole new context.

Bible Teaching

Apart from the conference I have also been busy continuing to teach three times a week, on Saturday through Matthew in CC La Angostura, on Friday through Romans in our home group bible study in San Salvador, and on Wednesdays through the book of John with Walter and his wife Theresa in San Martin.

This last saturday, after 3 months, we have finally finshed going through the sermon on the mount in the CC church plant La Angostura which has been a great blesing for me personally, and, I hope, for the congregation as well, as we sought to examine our hearts and re-build our lives upon the solid foundation of Jesus' revolutionary teaching.

School of Minsitry Building Project

I have also been blessed to be able to put some of my construction experience (limited as it is) into practice with the building of the CC School of Ministry complex in San Martin. It has been a blessing for me to be able to contribute to a project that will (LORD willing one day soon) allow many local pastors and church planters to get the preparation that they need and deserve to continue the work in Latin America, and the world over. As far as the construction goes, I have to give the LORD ALOT of thanks - our foreman, a retired pastor, has been very patient with me (okay, so I have made a few building mistakes), and has also helped me to continue to build on my knowledge and experience while serving the LORD in this area(a special thanks here is due to James G for bringing me along on several jobs in the US, and helping me get my feet wet - everything that he has taught me is now being put directly into the advancement of the kingdom. LORD bless you brother!).

Tilapia Farm

Meanwhile, the tilapia project has continued to move along, thankfully with more stability and a little bit less drama (dead fish!). Our fish are pretty much ready for harvest (they are all between .70 and 2 pounds)and are waiting for the right "buyer". This first harvest will not bring any profit into the ministry, but it has been a great learning lesson, and hopefully will help us to turn tilapias into a direct investment in church planting all over the country.

In addition to the large fish farm in La Angostura, we have also started a small test tank in San Martin to be able to try out new ideas without jepordizing the whole project.

CC San Salvador 19th Anniversary

As I get ready now to come back to the US for a visit, CC San Salvador is getting ready to celebrate its 19th anniversary with a Medeival Times themes dinner geared towards evangelism. We will be hosting 300-400 people a night, every night, for about a week. This last week I spent my normal construction time with six other guys turning our church, and parking lot into a medieval kingdom complete with a castle There was a lot of ply-wood, and latex paint involved to say the least (I will be putting them on facebook shortly - if you have not visited my facebook page "Theodore in El Salvador" before this would be a good time to start).

As soon as we finish hosting these dinners, I will be on a plane to come and see you all :)

Rebeca's Thesis

I have not been the only busy one these months; Rebeca too has been up to her ears with work to do as she continues to advance on her thesis project for graduation with her Masters Degree in Archeology. She has been working fervently - both at home and doing field work, trying to have everything ready to present and defend by Jan 4th, to graduate with her Masters in March. Her thesis is a study of a local archeological site, Cihuatan, and an analisys of its relative cultural value. It has been a 7 day a week job for her, and your prayers for both her wisdom, and strength in continuing are greatly appreciated.


As you can probably guess, I am very excited about being able to come home to visit you all, as well to be able to spend time in my home church, getting to know the new people as well as serving wherever I am able to. I am also hoping to be able to visit southern california during my trip to be able to attend the annual CC missions conference, and hopefully visit with some of the dear brothers and sisters down there as well.

Even so, I would still like to be able to visit with as many people possible, so if you would like to chat or share a bite, just let me know :)

Prayer Requests

I have a lot of prayer requests for my trip home, but chiefly I would like to ask that you would pray that I can:

1. reconnect in fellowship and love with everyone at home
2. be refreshed, renewed, and refilled to be able to continue the missionary work in El Salvador as God desires,
3. to be able to raise more financial support to continue the work, and also be able to connect people in the US with the missions work that God is doing in Latin America.

I also, of course, want to ask for your prayers for the people and ministry I am involved in while I am gone, and especially for both Rebeca and I as we seek to maintain the communication in our relationship during my abscence.

In Closing

Anyways, its a lot of news, but in short I will summarize it by saying that..
♩♪ "I'll be home for Christmas" ♬
Until then, have fun checking out all of the new photos posted in www.facebook.com/theodoreelsalvador

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Flight Status: Delayed?

It has been exactly eight weeks since I wrote about my planned trip to California in August/September, and many of you are probably waiting with excitement to catch up, to talk about what the LORD has been doing in your lives, families, and ministries, and in mine. But as I sit and work out my monthly budget and travel plans, I realize that maybe this is more of an exercise whereby God is encouraging me to trust and have patience.

How so, you might ask? You may remember how I had asked for your prayers for Gods financial provision to be able to pay for the trip, my total cost being about $900-$1000 (as airfare fluctuates), but so far, I have only managed to raise $400 of the needed money.

To be honest, I have been waiting to write this update for this same reason, hoping that I would receive the rest of the money before September started, and therefore be able to announce when I am coming to visit you all soon, but it just hasn't come in.

To make matter more complicated, sin July my general monthly support has gone down a couple of hundred dollars, as a couple of my supporters have had to adjust their budgets in the wake of hard times. But as can be expected, God has been providing in unique and interesting ways - and in the last five weeks I have received nearly $200 worth of free food from friends and even a couple of farmers.

Although I had expected God to provide for my proposed trip this summer, it seems as though He has had other plans, and as difficult as it may be, it is my calling and vocation to submit to Him, even if I am not completely sure about what it is He wants to do. As much as it saddens me to have wait longer to see you all, I know that God has bigger things in mind for this time; now all I need to do is trust and rest in Him.

On the plus side of course, work and ministry here in the church abound; the fish project continues to go full steam, and I have also started working on a large construction project for a new old folks home/School of Ministry for Latinos in Central America (I will post some pictures soon). And then of course, there is my teaching ministry - I have been teaching through Matthew in Spanish now for almost 6 months, and have been very touched to see the work that God is doing in the church there, and more so in the congregation. Not to mention that Rebeca is happy that she will not have to say "good bye" to me at the airport, hehe.

So, in the end, although my travel plans have had to change, I can thank God that His plans havent changed. And who knows, maybe I will be able to visit for Christmas :)

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports:

Praise for Gods continued provision for me even during these hard times financially

Praise for the new building project, which will bless many people

Praise for the life of Walter - a new friend who I have been able to visit and share the Gospel with

Praise for the life of Valerie, Rebecas new born niece

Prayer for Gods provision - for 300$ in new monthly support to be raised up, as well as the extra $700 needed to help me be able to fly home to visit (in Dec?)

Prayer for Gods provision for a better car - before the one I am driving now (a 1984 Celica) completely disintegrates ;)

Prayer for Rebeca as she continues to work on her thesis, and minister to her family.

A few pictures:

Abuelo Fabio, Hermana Juan, and I before the saturday evening service, in La Angostura. It has been a blessing for me to be able to teach through Matthew, and have them there!

A couple of shots of the building we are working on. This is the first of several buildings that we plan on building to accomidate the new SoM and old folks home

Most of the construction here is metal, not wood which was new for me. I cut myself with the first couple of studs and joists that I put in - then I started using gloves ;)

Rebeca with her newborn niece, Valerie. She is a proud auntie :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Is the Fever Gone Yet?

As I write this latest blog entry, I am recovering from five days of the most intense fevers that I have had in my life, complete with lots of paranoia and even hallucinations, and of course, some good old fashioned nausea too. 
And yet I can say that as crazy as these last few days have been, these last few months have been even crazier. Why, you may ask? Well they have been some very busy months. It has not been uncommon for me to work more than 60 hours some weeks, and spend hours in a day driving or sitting in traffic. 
But these have been not only busy months, but also action, stress, happiness and drama packed months too.

It has been a season that has brought with an important message... even if I am not entirely clear exactly how to explain it yet.

So what have I been doing these last few months? Well, a lot. Actually a lot more than I could write here, but to make it easier to digest, I have broken it up into sections.

Gone Fishing!

OK I know what you are going to say, “WHAT! You have been spending your time FISHING?”
Well no, not really. Hehe. But I have been working a lot with fish, helping to start and run a tilapia farm here in El Salvador with Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa .

I can’t really tell you where or with whom the dream first started, and it wouldn’t really be fair to do so anyways, as the dream has passed through the hearts and hands of many men of God before being born here in El Salvador with Calvary Chapel, but the dream and vision for the project is basically this one:
To build and operate a tilapia farm on site as a church run business, with the goal of financially supporting the ministry, providing jobs and job training for poorer church members, and of course, evangelism opportunities in the business community.

Initial construction for the project first started long before I arrived, in one of the rural church plants in Chalatenango, as a joint effort between Calvary Chapel San Salvador as well as Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, among others. The project sat waiting for a while, until in March of this year a team from Costa Mesa came down, and alongside of them, we finished up the construction of the project, and ‘planted’ 5,000 baby fish. Then team left, and I was left in charge to run it. J

It was only then, as I began to run the project on a daily basis, that both Pastor Carlos (the Senior Pastor of CC San Salvador), and I, began to see the many difficulties associated with raising up baby fish to adulthood, as well as some of the short comings with our system.
Since then I have been spending most of my days working on the project, building relationships with people in the industry both here and oversees, and educating myself about how to build, re-build, run, and repair a fish farm, as well as all kinds of information about fish biology, growth, and breeding, not to mention marketing and profitability.

The biggest challenge by far (apart from the 2 hour drive that separates me from the fish, and the fish from many of the supplies that they need) has been the rebuilding and repairing of the project with both limited funds and resources. It has many times been a daily ‘experiment’ of how to repair, tweak, or sometimes even rebuild the project, all the while with 5,000 little-fishy lives hanging in the balance.
It has been a long journey for sure, and while it is far from over (fish reach maturity or ‘selling wieght’ at about 7-8 months) it has taught me much about patience, and trust in God. I have 4,700 or so remaining witnesses.

Many of you may also be surprised to know that since the beginning of my missionary journey almost 4 years ago I have been actively praying about learning and being involved in these very kind of church run business opportunities (I see these as excellent tools for church planting in poorer areas)- something which neither Pastor Carlos, nor CC Costa Mesa knew about when they asked me to be a part of this project. I feel like, then, that this has been a sort of ‘free training school’ for me, and am very blessed to see how God has answered this prayer, and will continue to answer it.

Fishers of Men

Running the fish farm has not been my only activity throughout these months, and only a part of my activity in Chalatenango, where we have one of our rural church plants. When Pastor Carlos asked me to begin working with the fish, he also asked me to help the planting pastor, Pastor Manuel as his assistant in whatever way he needed. Until now this has mainly meant teaching at the Saturday night service, where we have been slowly going through Matthew, as well as helping with some small things around the church, though Pastor Manuel has had some new ideas for ministry opportunities which we will be looking to try out in the very near future.

One of the most rewarding things about teaching in this church plant (apart from the quite obvious spiritual benefit that it is to me as I study up to teach every week) is the blessing of being able to spend time on the weekends with the same people that I am working with on the fish farm during the week. It has been a joy to me to be able to get to know their families, pray with them through their struggles, and share with them in their joys, and as is always the case, I have learned much from their lives and testimonies. We are not just learning how to become ‘fishermen’ together, but also, and much more importantly, how to become “fishers of men” together.

The Immigration Game

Have you ever felt winning is hopeless, and that all the dice are against you? That’s how I feel most of the time when I play “Monopoly” with my die-hard monopoly friends (Vince and Tiffany, this means you), and also how I have been feeling as I have been walking through my long residency process in El Salvador.
I first submitted my application, with my original paperwork and all the requested files in October of 2011. In a month or two, I thought, I would have my residency easy-peasy. Or so I was told. But it has been anything but easy. More than 4 letters, 15 visits to immigration, dozens of phone calls, countless hours of work both here and in the US (thank you Daniel and Callie for your help) and nine months later, and now, just last week my residency was confirmed, and I still haven’t received in writing!

It has been a long ride for sure, but God has been faithful throughout, all of which has served just to remind me why and for whom I am here in the first place (wink wink, it’s for Him).

Now I just have to get ready to renew my residency in October for another year. Ha!

The Near End of a Journey

These last few months have also been very busy and stressful ones for Rebeca, as she looks to finish her current academic journey and receive her Master’s Degree in Meso-American Archeology. She has been studying for almost six years at the Technological University of El Salvador, and is now in the process of using everything that she has learned to formulate and write her thesis. It has been difficult work for her without a doubt - the investigation alone has involved dozens of trips for her both to active ‘dig sites’, as well as a nation-wide search for un-cataloged materials in both libraries and colleges, some of which have been out of print for nearly a century. She has literally been racing against the clock to complete her thesis before the year ends, with the goal in mind of graduating, and jointly planning our wedding after wards (more details on that in the weeks to follow - just "stay posted" hahaha get it, stay posted, blog posts haha).

It would be disingenuous not to note how all of this stress and busyness in both of our lives has affected our relationship, though thankfully as God ministers to us through it, it has served us both as a wakeup call as a rally point more than anything else.

My own prayers for Rebeca in this time of her life have been for her divine gifts of patience, peace, and perseverance, as she seeks to honor God, her family, and her own six year investment by ‘finishing strong’. 

In deep love and admiration for her it only seems right to ask all you for your prayers for her as well.

My Proposed Trip Home

The last things I want to leave you all with are my plans for a proposed trip home. As many of you know, it has been nearly one year since I have seen you all, and you are all becoming sorely missed. I can do no better than to quote Paul in stating my desire to visit you all. As he so perfectly and succinctly wrote in his letter to the Roman Christians: “I long to see you so that I may leave you with some spiritual gift so that you may be strengthened, that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith… and that I might have some fruit among you.” Romans 1:11-13

I had desired to come earlier this year, in January, with the intention of participating in the CC Mission’s Conference, and visiting home as well, but the LORD had shown me that He had much for me to do during that time here in El Salvador. I have since then been praying about coming back this August or September. This would be perfect as I will also need to renew my residency here in October, which could be facilitated by a visit home to bring back the required documents. This would also give me the opportunity to raise some more support and relieve the burden of support from those of you whom have fallen under hard times. Lastly, I also desire to continue to build connections with some of the other churches in our area, both to share with them what God is doing here and in my life, and give them the same opportunities to be involved in the work.

I want to you ask you all then, for your prayers and intercession so that I might be able to make this trip. I currently have 300$ saved, but will need to raise an additional $700-$900 (depending on how cheap my tickets come out) to cover my airfare, and pre-pay my expenses here in El Salvador while I am gone (rent, utilities, etc.).

In Closing

So now you have read about what some may consider to be the fever of busyness that I have been wrapped up in, and you may be asking yourself "What hasn't he been doing?". Sleeping in, among other things. But in all fairness I see this busy season of life that I am in as exactly that, a season. Will I still be working 60 hour work weeks in a month from now? I'm not sure. All I know is that the LORD has allowed this season in my life (and in Rebeca's life at the same time too, ironically) for the time being, and I intend to serve and honor Him the best I can in it, and hopefully, learn that will benefit me in the years to come.

And when my chance comes to sleep in, I will take advantage of it :)

I am not quite exactly sure what the lesson is yet, although right now as I get ready to finish this blog entry and go to bed, I think it is something like "Seize the moment, and make it count".

Blessings from El Salvador,

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Video "2011 in Summary"

Hey Everyone,

This year has really been a graet blessing, the LORD has opened many doors, and as always, has been very faithful to put me in situations that have caused me to learn and grow.
I have been very blessed to be serving the LORD and the Salvadorean people, and wanted to take a couple of minutes to share some of the things that have been going on.

Check it out!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Radio Devotional (In Spanish) - Nueva devocional en Espanol

Un momento de Pensar con Teodoro Jédlicka

"El Dios de Amistad"

Si usted es como yo, muchas veces se encuentra con necesidades en su vida diaria, y a menudo se las lleva a Dios en oración. Pero muchas veces, estas mismas peticiones fácilmente pueden convertirse en distracciones, dominando nuestros pensamientos y oraciones, alejándonos mas del consuelo de Dios, y de la paz mediante la tormenta.

No es que Dios no escucha nuestras peticiones cuando oramos así, porque sabemos que siempre nos atiende, pero el hecho de estar pensando siempre en nuestras peticiones fácilmente nos distrae del propósito principal de la oración – lo cual es estar en comunión con el Dios de amistad.

En Génesis capitulo 28, vemos un ejemplo claro de este problema.
Jacob acaba de huir de su hermano Esau, y estando en el desierto se encuentra con Jehová.

Génesis 28:13 y15 «Yo soy el Señor, el Dios de tu abuelo Abraham y de tu padre Isaac. A ti y a tu descendencia les daré la tierra sobre la que estás acostado.15Yo estoy contigo. Te protegeré por dondequiera que vayas, y te traeré de vuelta a esta tierra. No te abandonaré hasta cumplir con todo lo que te he prometido.»

El enfoque de Dios en su mensaje para Jacob es la relación de amistad – tanto la amistad que Dios tuvo con su abuelo, Abraham, como la amistad que también quiera tener con Jacob mismo; las promesas que Dios le da sobre su herencia solo son un beneficio adicional de esta amistad. Para sellarlo todo, Dios termina su mensaje con la promesa de no abandonar a Jacob, hasta que se ha cumplido todo lo prometido.

Pero Jacob, cuando responde en versos 20 y 21, solo se enfoca en sus peticiones!

20«Si Dios me acompaña y me protege en este viaje que estoy haciendo, y si me da alimento, y ropa para vestirme, y si regreso sano y salvo a la casa de mi padre, entonces si, el Señor será mi Dios.

No repitamos el mismo error de Jacob, poniendo toda nuestra atención en las necesidades– mejor – enfoquemos nuestro tiempo con Dios en desarrollar la relación el, y conocer mejor el Dios de amistad. La respuesta de nuestras peticiones es solo un bono extra

El tiempo perfecto para practicarlo es ya, y usted puede hacerlo con una sencilla oración. Simplemente pedirle a Dios que le revele mas de El, y que abra sus ojos para conocer mas del corazón divino.

El Dios de amistad le esta esperando.

Esto ha sido "Un Momento de Pensar", con Teodoro. Gracias por escuchar, y que Dios les bendiga!

Monday, December 5, 2011


Settling In

Fours months ago I left California to live and serve in El Salvador, and now with Christmas quickly approaching, I am finally beginning to feel like I am settling in.

As most of you know it is not my first time on the mission field – or in Latin America, but my time here so far has required many adjustments. The biggest of them for me has been learning to serve in a church the size of the city that I came from. With over 30 active ministries, it is always busy – there is always something going on – and always something to do. Suffice it to say that over these four months I have been slowly learning what it really means to be teachable, flexible, and available for cross cultural work.

The first test I faced in getting established was that of patience and trust as I started looking for a place to live, and safe transportation. There is something intimidating about living on your own in a foreign country. At first the excitement of so many new things pushes you forward, but then after the excitement fades, it begins to feel like you're climbing a mountain without the right equipment. And yet even without really knowing exactly what I was doing, the LORD brought me up to the top – with the help of a few new friends here, the prayers and support of many in the states, and the patience and love of the fiancee He brought alongside me.

There were many divine appointments along the climb up of course – most notably of which was the privilege Rebeca and I had of praying with a 35 year old man while buying a refrigerator, who had recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He accepted the LORD that day, and passed away only two weeks later. What a blessing to know He is with the LORD.

My apartment, with my *new* 1985 Celica out front ;)

English Class

Immediately after renting an apartment and buying a car, I was asked to start teaching several English classes in one of the church plants outside of the city. It seems that everywhere I have been I have been asked to teach English, and every time it has been a challenge for me to do it well. How do you teach someone a foreign language – especially one that is so overly complicated? If you don' t personally think English is very complicated, just think about the 'i' before 'e' rule, and all of it's complications.

But behind the pretense of English being difficult to teach (and it is), was something entirely different – I didn't really want to teach English, and would have much rather been teaching the Bible. But as Jonah most assuredly learned before me, the only way for someone to be fruitful in the kingdom of God is through obedience- whether we feel like doing it or not. It is only after we have begun to act in obedience that we start to 'feel like obeying'. And even though Jonah was very bitter after having watched God work on the people of Nineveh, he was obedient enough afterwards that he went on to write about the whole thing– which makes me think that Jonah, too, learned this same lesson. So, since the beginning of October, when the LORD provided me with an apartment, I have been teaching English several hours a day and am beginning to enjoy it. The classes began with my teaching seven different groups of students, five days a week. My students range from 5-60 years old, and include two groups of orphans, one adult class of new believers, and twice a week tutoring sessions with one of the Pastors of a church plant outside of the capital – who (after much prayer from many in the states) has also been a great source of encouragement and one of the few here I am able and comfortable seeking out for counsel.

A few of my students

Teamwork and Flexibility

So, just as I began to feel comfortable (or almost comfortable) teaching English, I was asked to take a two week hiatus to help with some special events in the Capital. Calvary Chapel San Salvador was celebrating their 17th anniversary, and would be hosting a week of evangelistic 'Anniversary Dinners' as well as an hour long Christmas performance each night, and a dozen or so parties for Children attending the services. I was moved temporarily back to capital, and asked to work with a ministry team of missionaries from Potter's Field Ministries. What ensued were long hours of decorating, prop building, cleaning, errand running, and table setting, and waitering for 12 straight days, 12 hours a day. During all of the hard work, more than 2000 dinners were served, 400 new people visited the church, and nearly 100 people accepted the LORD as their savior. It was a huge stretch for me – I personally can't remember having worked so much 'overtime' before, but even more was the feeling that this year I was 'missing thanksgiving'. The reward of course, is that of knowing that the kingdom of God is growing – and of course the fellowship I was able to share with the other missionaries. As iron sharpens iron – so I was sharpened during our time of fellowship, though certainly it was not without challenges.

Part of the Christmas village that we built, painted, and decorated (I also spray painted the carriage).

Love is Patient

Rebeca and I have also both been blessed, of course, as we continue in our pursuit of God together, and our walk forward towards marriage. We have faced many challenges as well – it has been a challenge to learn how to spend time together while balancing two different schedules, as well as how to deal with all of the new hurdles to jump over as I further incorporate myself into her already tight knit family. We have also been wrestling with planning a practical wedding – with the challenge of finding a date that fits into her University schedule. Through it all we have both been challenged and encouraged by the biblical standard of true love as seen in 1Corinthians 13, knowing that even when we are found incapable – Jesus, who has already completed this standard, is ever ready to help us walk it out through the empowering of His Holy Spirit. We have both found that, above all else, patience is something that we both need to grow in.

Tired, but happy to be with MI AMOR

Looking forward with Thankfulness

After two weeks of literal table serving (Acts 6:2-3), I am preparing to serve in children's ministry as we start up several VBS's in various church plants around the country during the next 8 weeks of vacation. My exact role in all of this isn't entirely clear, though I can assume that I will be very busy. I am blessed to be able to work with so many children, and, hopefully impact their lives for Christ (Big thanks to Pastor Bill and Pastor Ben for the crash course in VBS they gave me this summer - I know it will be put to great use). This week I am also looking forward to final exams for School of Ministry. Whatever the Lord brings, I know that He will use it to take me further along the path He has laid out for me, and prepare me for what lies ahead.

In the end, my time so far has been overflowing with many people, places, and things for which to be thankful. I am continually learning every day, though above all else, I find that God is continually reminding me of His great love, and constant faithfulness.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Online Giving

Hey guys just wanted to give you the low down on online giving. You can give online and support my mission with your Paypal, checking, or credit card account through Calvary Chapel Santa Cruz; all through this secure website:

Just click the link, fill in your information, and make sure to write 'Theo/El Salvador'in the "notes" section. (See below)

All online giving through this page is tax deductable - and you will recieve a receipt at the end of the year.

Thank you!